Combinations and controversial situations in the poker

Some beginners mistakenly think that a player can get together three or four pairs at a time. This is fundamentally wrong, there are no such controversial combinations in poker. Hold’em has a combination of a pair and two pairs. There are no other combinations like three or four pairs. If a player sees in his presence three pairs, of them he chooses the two highest, who participate in the game.
controversial situations in poker Texas Hold’em
An example of a controversial combination in poker: you have a King and an Ace. On the table we see the King, Ace, Dame, Dame, Six. A newcomer might think that he has a pair of Kings, Aces and Dame. However, this is not correct. In this case, only a pair of Kings and Aces plays, as they are the highest in the game.
If there are no combinations in the game, who won?
The player who has the 5 highest cards wins the game. These cards are chosen from two on the hand and five on the table. You just need to remember that in poker always plays exactly 5 cards. Therefore, to determine the winner, you need to find the highest 5 cards of the players.
An example of a controversial situation in poker is Texas Hold’em: Ace, King, Queen, Eight and Nine on the table. One player has two and three. The second player has a Six and Seven. At first glance, it may seem that the second player wins, since his cards are higher. However, we immediately recall that in poker only 5 highest cards are played. In this situation, they are all open on the table and small cards on the hands of the players simply do not count. The correct decision here is to make a split – to divide the bank between the two players equally.
How to share the total quads?
Sometimes on the table can open four cards of the same value. In this case, the poker is a controversial combination in poker. Do you really need to divide the chips among all the participants? Here, in fact, also plays not only 4 square cards, but also the 5th card kicker. In this case, you need to decide which player has one highest card. If the kicker in poker in a controversial situation has opened on the table, then you can divide the bank between all participants.