Dispersion in poker

Absolutely any poker player, regardless of the level of his game, during his poker career is faced with variance. But how well can he play the period of the downstream? That is what determines his ability and skills to play in a stressful situation. Indeed, at this moment a very strong psychological pressure is put on the player. Just imagine: you play as usual, but you have nothing. Your opponents are constantly getting some “cosmic combinations in poker”, they give you cooler after cooler, coin flips are not dragged away at all. During this period of the game, you must adhere to the chosen strategy as much as possible. Otherwise, there is a risk of the appearance of the tilt, which entails a serious threat to the bankroll, up to its zeroing. Therefore, I once again urge you to play, strictly adhering to bankroll management. It is better to go down in time to play at lower limits than to start a poker career from scratch. Don’t let tilt take over your mind.
According to the results of one, five or even twenty tournaments, one cannot judge the level of professionalism of a player. So what should be the distance? This question is very difficult to give an exact answer. Since the game in MTT is rather dispersive in nature, the number of tournaments played must be significant. Many players advise to pay attention to the numbers after wagering 100 tournaments. In my opinion, the number of MTTs played should be at least 500.
Well, in general, there is a useful recommendation based on my experience. If poker is your main source of income for you, then you need to be ready for a five-day working week. 20 tournaments per session, 400 tournaments per month, one day per week to give theory / analysis of the game.
Only taking into account these indicators, it is possible to determine whether we are ready to play MTT with a higher buy-in. The greater the distance played, the more accurate these indicators will be. In order to improve your psychological state, I recommend that you make your bankroll management strategy even more conservative when switching to higher buy-ins. This is due to the fact that the higher the buy-in in MTT, the better players will participate in it, and the lower your ROI profitability indicator will be.