What can help me win in poker?

Pay attention to how your opponent sits. If his back is flat, and his shoulders are flattened, or the opponent has leaned back in his chair and is closely watching what is happening, most likely he has a strong arm. The same can be said about the manner of carefully and confidently moving chips to the bank.
If the player slouched over and did not follow his posture, with a force throws chips into the bank or checks the cards immediately after the flop came out, he was not too lucky with the cards. True, there is a nuance: the opponent’s bad posture can be from nature. Therefore, again, you need to remember the baseline behavior.
Another signal flag in the player’s behavior is the overly diligent image of a weak hand. If the agony of choice performed by an opponent seems to be too accented and unnatural for this person, it is worth considering whether he gathered the nuts.
The most common mistake in reading gestures is the interpretation of shaking hands as a sign of weakness. In fact, when bluffing, the opponent will often try to behave calmly. To control the behavior will take a lot of energy and concentration. While for beginners (and not only), the tension at the time of playing a strong poker hand can reach a level where even nerve impulses are transmitted to hands.
The gestures of force also include hands or fingers that lie quietly on the table, and hands covering the cards, as if trying to protect them.
But if the opponent holds the chips tightly, rubs his hands or squeezes them, tries to cover his mouth with his hand, his body signals about insecurity.
Reading an opponent’s mimic is more difficult, because in this case you can easily run into a couple of tricks. The general recommendation is that the first short-term manifestations of emotions should be trusted. In this case, the probability of their sincerity is higher.
General trends are such that the tense muscles of the cheeks and wide-open eyes indicate a strong arm. The same is the case with raised eyebrows, nose. About self-confidence and relaxed lips.